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Elden Ring DLC is FromSoft's Next-Best Opportunity to Tease a L


    With Elden Ring Runes DLC seemingly imminent, maybe it's a great chance for FromSoftware to tease a project that fans have wanted for a long period.

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    Well more than a year since its release, 2022's Game from the Year, Elden Ring, is constantly on the dominate headlines. The culmination of developer FromSoftware's Soulsborne collection, Elden Ring is way from done at this time, and it is highly-anticipated DLC, titled Shadow from the Erdtree, was announced via Twitter in February. While details from the expansion are fairly limited right now, FromSoftware should seize the chance to use it to be able to stoke the fires of speculation around a long-sought-after project: Bloodborne 2.

    PS4-exclusive title Bloodborne was launched in 2015 to glowing reviews from critics, and several consider the action RPG to become among the greatest game titles of all time. Borrowing a lot of its razor-sharp mechanics in the acclaimed Dark Souls series, Bloodborne places a heavier concentration on aggressive combat by taking out the player's capability to block, which proved to become a stroke of genius from Hidetaka Miyazaki and the team. Mixing Lovecraftian horror themes with Soulslike mechanics, Bloodborne still stands as one of the most engaging and immersive gaming experiences ever, along with a sequel felt almost inevitable at some point. Despite this, no news of 1 has ever materialized, but fans won't give up hope.

    Elden Ring's DLC Shadow from the Erdtree is Highly Anticipated

    Speculation continues to be rife among fans when it comes to exactly what to expect in Shadow from the Erdtree. Popular fan opinion appears to center on Miquella, the son of Marika and twin brother of Malenia. Very little is famous about Michelle, and that he does not actually come in the base game, yet it's widely thought that he can be viewed riding the spirit steed Torrent within the DLC's teaser photo. This remains to become seen; in either case, fans can be certain that the new expansion will push these phones to their limits.

    Expansions for example Dark Souls 3's The Ringed City and Bloodborne's The Old Hunters reveal that FromSoftware includes a reputation for upping the ante in the DLC offerings. Both of those are one of the finest, most difficult content the developer has released up to now. A typical FromSoftware expansion includes new areas, weapons, armor, and maybe most notably, new boss fights. These are frequently even more challenging compared to ones found within the already difficult base games.

    FromSoftware's fervent group of followers has had no difficulty imagining such a Bloodborne 2 or perhaps a Dark Souls 4 could seem like, and then any signs these projects are officially happening will probably be met by having an incredible amount of hype. Given its trademark utilization of cryptic storytelling, it's not hard to imagine FromSoftware including some type of connection to Bloodborne in Shadow from the Erdtree.

    Whether it's an Easter egg that just the most ardent fans would recognize or perhaps a more on-the-nose mention of the Bloodborne's realm of Yharnam, the inclusion of any sort of hint will be a fantastic reward for anyone patient fans who've waited for which probably feels as though an eternity for many news. Miyazaki's team is unquestionably busy right now, not just with Elden Ring's DLC, but additionally Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon, the very first game released within the cult hit mech-shooter series in the decade.

    Despite this, FromSoftware reportedly has a minimum of one other new project in active development. It is feasible for this might be a sequel to 1 of its other beloved franchises, as well as on the balance of probability, Bloodborne 2 certainly appears like one of the most likely options. When it finally releases, Shadow from the Erdtree should wind up dropping an idea as to what's coming next in the acclaimed Japanese developer.

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