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D2R Hybrid Bone Summon Necro

  • This build works well, with inexpensive gear options while remaining viable. He is a strong early ladder option in which you can’t depend on accumulated wealth and stashed D2 Resurrected Items. Likewise, he is able to be viable in Hardcore using the right gear selection. The varied damage sources imply that he won’t want to use Sunder Charms to stay effective and won’t have to offset negative resistances. As a PvM Character, your effective clear speed is going to be on par with higher-cost builds and can require considerably less optimization to stay effective (because of Corpse Explosion damage scaling separately from skill or gear investment).

    The emphasis of the build is on life, mobility, powerful bone attacks which are rarely negated, corpse explosion, curses to amplify damage, and summons to do something as a shield and supply additional physical damage.


    Enough strength and dexterity for the selected gear, the remainder in vitality.


    You possess some autonomy here, based on your preferred playstyle. A summon primary build will afford more tackiness to minions and therefore more safety. However, it'll lack the initial clear speed of the bone primary build. Summon primary is usually recommended for Hardcore. Buying d2 resurrected items and diablo 4 items can help boost your gear in D2R Ladder, which benefits physical damage dealers and specs that benefit from scaling.

    Bone Tree

    There are three primary bone attacks you are able to choose from. Teeth, Bone Spear, and Bone Spirit. If you are Bone Primary, it is usually recommended you invest 40-60 points within this tree. If you are Summon primary, max one bone spell and invest some points in necessary prerequisites. Invest one in all other synergies (Bone Wall and Bone Prison).

    Curse Tree

    One point each inside your desired curse(s). Amplify damage necessitates the least skill investment (just one point) and offers ample damage amplification for minions, corpse explosion as well as your mercenary. Decrepify and Dim Vision can offer additional safety for Hardcore.