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What does the disassembly alarm of 3g gps tracker mean?

  • In order to avoid the disassembly of the 3g gps tracker in the car, many trackers have anti-disassembly functions. If the device is disassembled without authorization, it will cause the device to alarm.

    1. Under what circumstances will the anti-disassembly alarm be issued?

    Under normal use of the device, if the device senses that it has been disassembled, it will immediately trigger a disassembly alarm. If it is an ultra-long standby device (1-2 positioning times a day), it will immediately start real-time positioning, allowing the owner to respond in time for tracking. When the wired device senses that the line is cut, it will issue a disassembly alarm, and at the same time send an alarm signal to the GPS monitoring platform.

    2. How to deal with the disassembly alarm?

    If the car owner receives the alarm notification, first go to the place where the vehicle is placed to check whether there is a theft, and directly call the police if necessary.

    If it is company management, such as the car loan company industry, it can be like this:

    1. Call the customer to see if you can still contact the customer, test the customer's tone, and see if you can ask the customer to come back to check the condition of the car.

    2. If the customer has not touched the equipment, test the circuit again and replace the power cord. If there are dismantling traces, change the location to install, conduct credit evaluation to the customer again, and give the customer a prompt warning.

    3. If the customer cannot come back, check whether the GPS management background device is offline, and arrange the staff to go to the last location of the car. If the car is found, communicate with the customer, indicate the pros and cons, and reinstall the 3g gps tracker.

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