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Functions of 4G LTE GPS tracking device

  •   4G LTE GPS tracking device generally has the functions of real-time monitoring and positioning, track query, alarm notification, electronic fence and so on. With the increasingly mature positioning technology, locators in the market also have more and more rich functions. For example, some locators can complete the functions of remote oil and power cut-off, remote monitoring and remote recording.

      Remote recording function can play a very important role in some times. However, some people may have doubts about the use of the recording function of 4G LTE GPS tracking device and some questions. This article will answer the questions related to the recording of GPS locator:

      sound recording

      1. Can the GPS locator complete remote recording?

      You can find a locator that can monitor and record among a wide range of automotive GPS products on the market. When the owner or manager finds the abnormal situation of the car, he can remotely turn on the recording function on the platform to record the sound around the car to assist in anti-theft and positioning.

      2. How to turn on the remote recording function of the locator?

      The method of opening the remote recording function of the locator is generally realized by sending relevant instructions to the equipment. Send relevant instructions to the equipment number to activate the recording function, or dial the equipment number directly. After connecting, you can hear the sound near the vehicle and record it.

      3. How about the recording quality of 4G LTE GPS tracking device?

      The recording quality of GPS locator mainly depends on the parts used by the locator itself. Some GPS locator parts are relatively poor, and the radio effect of the equipment will be relatively poor. Therefore, the recording will be blurred, and the recording effect is naturally not very good.

      In addition, GPS locator mainly focuses on positioning function, so it can't be compared with professional recording equipment. If you have high requirements for recording quality, it is better to use professional recording equipment.

      Remote recording

      4. How long can the recorded recording be kept?

      Generally speaking, the recorded recording will be saved in the platform or mobile app, and users can listen to it at any time when they need it. If the user does not actively delete the recording, it is long-term effective.

      Different enterprises have different locator specifications and different functions. If you need the locator to have recording function, you can see whether the locator has recording function before purchasing. And during use, it can be used correctly according to the precautions in the manual.

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