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How to deal with unresponsive hidden gps tracker for car

  • On the excellent tool for car anti-theft, it must be hidden gps tracker for car. Therefore, the use of hidden gps tracker for car has become more and more common. Recently, some car users have reported that the hidden gps tracker for car suddenly has no response, which makes car owners very worried about whether the anti-theft will suddenly fail in real time, and the anti-theft function will be lost.

    Relevant data show that most of the main reasons why hidden gps tracker for car does not work is the incorrect orientation of the device.

    1. Connected to a location with severe temperature. The normal use of the tracker has requirements for the environment. Usually, the operating temperature of the hidden gps tracker for car is between -20°C and 75°C (for details, please refer to the model description of the product). The temperature and humidity are too low or too high. Causes the locator to suspend the job. Therefore, when the positioner is not working, it is possible to check whether the position of the positioner is correct. Generally, it is necessary to prevent the device from being installed near the air-conditioning pipe, the roof, and the exhaust pipe, especially in summer.

    2. It is connected to a place where it is easy to get wet. The operating humidity of the positioner is usually controlled between 20% and 80%RH (for detailed figures, please refer to the model description of the product). Under the wiper, at the same time, keep away from the air outlet of the air conditioner to prevent condensation water from accumulating inside the terminal when the temperature difference changes, which will seriously affect the service life of the product.

    3. Connected to the position where the signal is disturbed. When installing hidden gps tracker for car, it is necessary to prevent the locator from being placed together with the emission source, such as reversing radar, walkie-talkie and other in-vehicle communication equipment. At the same time, make sure that the front of the host is facing up, and there is no metal and no obstruction above, and the horizontal skewed viewpoint is controlled within 15°, so that the positioner can receive signals.

    The above are just a few wrong directions for hidden gps tracker for car Z. Therefore, it is recommended to let professionals help install hidden gps tracker for car. Perhaps if you don't want to be so troublesome in wiring, you can choose a wireless device that is free of installation, and the strong magnetic adsorption is free of installation. Complete functions, including real-time positioning, electronic fence and other functions, are as easy to use as the wiring locator.

    And if the device is in the correct orientation, the locator does not respond. There may be a problem with the device, check whether the indicator light is on normally. If it is abnormally shiny, you can check the instruction manual or consult a professional for treatment. If there is no response from the locator to rule out device problems, it may be a network problem. Check whether it is in a poor signal area, or whether the SIM card balance is insufficient, and check one by one. But Z saves effort or seek professional help.

    In short, when your locator encounters any incomprehensible problems, you can ask the manufacturer to avoid delaying your normal use.

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