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WOW TBC Claissic: The problem of robots in the championship sea

  • Desperate reports about Azeroth robots appeared almost two weeks after the first season of the World of Warcraft Classic Championship. However, Blizzard has taken various measures to fight these robots.

    The topic of robots was very rich in the first Classic version, and it still exists in the classic World of Warcraft. Through them, we can better access Black Lotus, as well as some TBC Classic Gold setbacks caused by the daily limit of access to the dungeon and other countless unreasonable prohibitions. Although we have entered the TBC classic era, the robot problem is still an unfortunate existence.

    After the championship season, measures affecting the effectiveness of robots have been further increased.

    Although players can reach level 60 faster through missions, it is currently no longer possible to achieve the AoE level and dungeon enhancement in the very efficient dungeon.

    The following are some related measures:

    First, as long as there are high-level characters, the monsters killed will hardly bring the experience points in the dungeon. Second, opponents of Maraudon and Stratholm currently have a protective effect on the hold and slow effects, which are usually activated after a period of time. Third, the zombie trolls of Zul'Farrak have reduced the frequency of loot drop. The loot was evenly distributed to other opponents in the dungeon, and they were unable to farm effectively.

    The villain robot in Black Rock Abyss currently has a thief debuff effect, which should prevent robots to a certain extent.

    In addition, the availability of mineral deposits and herbal resources in all regions has been significantly Buy WOW TBC Gold increased. In addition, when the highest-level pharmacists gather at the source of high-level pharmacists, the chance of obtaining black lotus will be very small. The availability of certain crafting materials has increased, such as fire, earth, and water. Since these items should now be easier to grow, their prices will also decrease.

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