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New World: Mardi and Brittia will be the first server merge can

  • Amazon, the developer of New World, has announced the date of its first server merger, and this is likely to be one of many mergers in the future.

    As a newest MMO released by Amazon, New World continues to be welcomed by players. Its number of concurrent players on Steam often exceeds 130,000. However, while it has received such attention, it has also experienced some growing pains. Moreover, as is the inevitable New World Gold trend of most new games, some players are also lost over time. Moreover, the previous free server transfers have reduced the number of people on some servers that are already deserted. Therefore, it is imperative to merge servers as soon as possible. Amazon has promised this in the past month. Now, Amazon is ready to start merging game servers.

    In the announcement last Friday, Amazon confirmed that the first server merger will take place on December 8. The two servers Mardi and Brittia in the EU Central server cluster will be merged in the next day. At present, Amazon has locked the two servers in preparation for the merger, so as not to lose the player's game data in the process. But the players themselves will not be affected by the merger, and Mardi's territorial ownership and contract will be left to support the status quo of Brittia.

    It is worth noting that Mardi and Brittia are not the least populated servers in EU Central, they are even the healthiest servers. There are about 200 servers in EU Central, so it can easily become the largest area in New World, and it will be most affected when players leave or transfer. This may be why Mardi and Brittia have become the main candidates for Amazon's first real-time merger.

    Mardi and brittia are not the least populated servers in EU Central. There are still hundreds of servers in all regions of New World that need to be consolidated. Therefore, once the merger is completed, many other servers still need to be merged again. Therefore, this will be a long process. It seems that Amazon will have a lot of work to be done in the future.

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