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FIFA 22: FUT Freeze is expected to start on Friday, December 10

  • An obvious FIFA 22 FUT Freeze leak may reveal the entire promotional team before one of the biggest events on the FIFA Ultimate Team calendar.

    FUT Freeze replaced FUTMAS as FIFA 21's annual winter theme promotion. Moreover, this promotion also Buy FUT 22 Coins borrowed the themes of previous events such as FUT birthdays and shapeshifters, and the player provided a new position to further develop the team. It is also one of the most popular events in the last competition cycle, and projects such as forward Alan San Marco Westminster and left back Adama Traore have been introduced.

    The leaks on social media not only revealed the propaganda team, but also revealed a team building challenge project.

    The tweet from ImADuckQuackk most obviously introduced the propaganda team among the numerous tweets discussing leaks and potential items.

    In addition, according to another leak on Twitter by another player, everyone knows that Christian Pulisic will act as SBC during the promotion period.

    However, although the players have been announced, the exact items are not yet known. Community players can speculate which positions and upgrades these players might get.

    The FUT Freeze event is expected to start on Friday, December 10. But it is not yet known how long this promotion will last and whether it also includes any other features. In last year's Freeze event, the third team to qualify for the final was provided for UEFA matches. This year, for cases where there is no RTTF item in the package, EA Sports may introduce it for the first time during Freeze. Or it can be said that it is between the best FUT 22 Coins team of the year or the headlines.

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