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WOW TBC Claissic: Explore dungeons to quickly upgrade and gain

  • Although it is tempting to accumulate experience as quickly as possible, before you are about to step into the dark gate, I hope you can find strategies to make the most of your leveling experience. In addition to being able to upgrade from level 60 to level 70, players also need to win prestige in fighting against various factions, which play a very important WOW TBC Gold role in the final game process of the character.

    In TBC, a new dungeon difficulty called Hero is introduced into the game. It also provides players with better equipment than typical dungeons, as well as important materials and currency. However, if you want to enter the heroic difficulty of the dungeon, you need to gain a certain reputation in the faction to obtain the key to unlock the difficulty.

    In addition, you may also want to spend some time in the last few levels to adapt to the final game raid Karazhan with 10 players. Since the coordination chain takes a while to complete, there is no harm in doing so during the leveling process.

    If you want to enter all the heroic dungeons of TBC, you need to gain lofty prestige in various related areas.

    Due to the congestion of players during the launch of World of Warcraft's nostalgic server, it may be more difficult to upgrade in TBC. For this reason, participating in the dungeon is the fastest way for you to gain the prestige you need to reach level 70.

    In addition, fortunately, content creators such as Biosparks and Fakeqt have been testing the beta version of the game, and they have found a simple way to upgrade as quickly as possible. By participating in each dungeon, players can gain prestige in specific factions to Buy TBC Classic Gold avoid crowded leveling areas, so that they can reach level 70 in less than 30 hours of game time.

    Players can run these dungeons multiple times to maximize their reputation income in the game.

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