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New World: Amazon Games Studio will open server consolidation f

  • Amazon Games Studio will open server consolidation for Central Europe and South America. After nearly three months of launch, New World will usher in its first server consolidation feature this week.

    According to the official blog post, we know that the New World Coins servers in Central Europe and South America will start at 7pm GMT on December 10th, which is 11am Pacific Standard Time. For the Central European server cluster, its Ishtakar, Metsola, Glitnir, Kalevala, Zu-Vendis and Phaeacia servers will be merged into Caer Sidi, while South American servers Tuma, Svarga, Patala and Rukh will be merged into Irkalla.

    The post wrote that once a message is released in the game, it is estimated to be sent within the next 24 hours, and players in the corresponding world will not be able to transfer the server. And, when they enter the game, they will see a banner at the bottom of the screen reminding them to merge.

    Regarding the reason for these mergers, it is said that it is to fight against the player experience that has become less worrying. Although the team did not directly explain the problem, it may indeed fight against the decrease in the number of players in the server. However, it is worth noting that players in the aforementioned servers cannot transfer servers once they have completed the merger of the servers on December 10.

    New World has continuously received requests from players to start server consolidation, and it seems that Amazon Studios is finally able to complete this request.

    Developers said in November that when they are ready to bring this technology to players’ servers, they will deliberately determine whether the world is suitable for mergers, including reference to population size and overall participation, but not limited to this.

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