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8 Problems Every Bridesmaid Will Have To Tackle

  • Being inspired to be a bridesmaid and standing alongside your girl on her behalf big day is easily the most unforgettable experience. Even though it's one of the biggest honors you could ever be given, it may be exhausting, stressful, and expensive. It's not all champagne sipping and fancy feeltimes dresses – as being a bridesmaid includes its downsides too.

    Your Whatsapp notifications will hit the roof

    In this modern world, one of the best methods to communicate like a group would be to set up a WhatsApp group. Of course, this really is going to create things simpler to plan to make all those big decisions, but one of the biggest annoyances is those notifications. One minute your phone is going to be clear and something lunch break later you'll have 85 messages to try making sense of.

    Your evening will contain babysitting her relatives

    We wish to avoid any possibility of a bridal breakdown therefore, it's your work to make sure that no stress reaches the bride-to-be.

    You might think that the special day is your opportunity to let your hair down and perhaps indulge in several drinks. However, this isn't forever the situation. For many bridesmaids, the marriage day and night is about making sure that the bride-to-be is calm, that the bride-to-be is happy which those people most significant to her are cared for. Which could be more stressful than fun.

    The oh-so awkward posing for the marriage photos

    Wedding photos could be great fun and being a part of them will allow possessing some treasured moments. That said, posing for all those photos which can seem like hours does get tedious. Not only this, however, you may also discover that your facial muscles begin to ache which smile, which was once very easy, will begin to dwindle.

    Having to put on the most unflattering dress seen by mankind

    Being instructed to spend £200 on the dress which makes your boobs look squished, arms look flabby, and legs look simply weird isn't ideal. The only valuable thing is that it's happening on eBay the 2nd the special day is over, and it's nice knowing another victimized girl inside your position will get a slightly better deal about this thing – every cloud.

    For probably the most part, a bride will pick champagne bridesmaid dresses that her ladies all like. After all, she'll want them to not only be comfortable but feel beautiful too. However, there are also those brides available that have an idea in your mind and are much less keen on budging. If your bride to become falls into the latter category then you may wind up with a dress that you simply don't exactly love. Which isn't will make you feel great when the special day comes around.

    There's a lot of planning

    Engagement party, hen party, wedding rehearsals… All of a sudden University would be a breeze. There are going to be certain points in which you will vow never to participate or attend another wedding again, and this is going to be one of them.

    Of course, preparing for any wedding is exciting and it's something that many bridesmaids enjoy, but even wedding prep can feel like it's an excessive amount of after a while. There are so many items to think about, a lot of decisions to create and a lot of ideas to talk about using that sometimes you will feel that your whole life is about this wedding and never much else.

    Coming to terms using the bridesmaid hierarchy

    Every bridesmaid is going to be fighting like there’s no tomorrow to prove she knows the bride to be best. It’s probably better to stay out from the drama, we're all adults. Although you will have her mum's telephone number and have known her since she was 2 – just sayin'.

    It seems that the moment wedding prep starts, some of the most normal women available suddenly become complete control freaks. Being a bridesmaid for somebody is definitely likely to show you their darker side whilst you are will still love them, most likely you are likely to get to the stage in which you don't like them greatly.

    Your blood pressure level is likely to be the same as your great grans

    Yup, that's right your blood pressure will take a significant hit. Why? Because weddings are stressful that's why.

    Unless it wedding related she's not interested

    For the entire year leading up to her wedding, the only real topic of conversation that will spout between the two of you is going to be weddings. When you agreed to become her bridesmaid you virtually signed your life away for that following year – be prepared for all those 1 am panic telephone calls about dress alterations and also the menu options.

    BUT, ultimately it's all worthwhile. There's nothing more rewarding than seeing your best friend stand having a massive smile on her behalf face marrying the guy she loves – and never to blow your personal trumpet but she probably couldn't do it without you. So, get a glass (or bottle) of wine and obtain celebrating.