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An English Country Garden Wedding

  • Harriet, a designer, married lawyer Felix around the 7th of July 2018 at St Hilary's Church in Wrexham, then a reception at Felix's parents' stunning home in Shropshire, inside a beautifully patterned, Moroccan-inspired marquee.

    Harriet decided on a delicate palette that sat perfectly within the countryside setting and her selection of delicate wildflowers, foliage, light blues, purples, and creams made for any very classic and soft color palette.

    Harriet wore an attractive gown, which she purchased in at Camden Passage. I'm deeply in love with the lace detailing in the neckline. She paired her dress having a beautiful veil borrowed from a friend and gold wedges.

    "I loved the tranquility of and elegance of my dress. It didn’t seem like I was taking myself too seriously also it felt quite young and boho that was the look I was opting for."

    To trigger her gown Harriet decided to accessorize having a delicate hair vine and simple pearl drop earrings.

    The bridesmaids looked very elegant in blue boho bridesmaid dresses, combined with wedges antique gold statement earrings, and chokers, as the two flower girls wore pretty pleated dresses.

    Felix waited in the end from the aisle inside a suit, worn having a waistcoat borrowed from his dad- an attractive touch. Click

    I love the natural and fuss-free type of photography and just how the lady behind the lens has so beautifully captured the essence of the effortlessly elegant day.

    "Our photographer was Laura. She got the understated, natural vibe from the wedding and slightly boho feels using the Moroccan-themed tent and funky lining."

    After the service, Harriet and Felix drove away inside a shower of smiles and rejoined their guests at Felix's home, in which the marquee stood waiting, decked with flowers, gold candlesticks, and rustic white table runners with blue napkins, which perfectly acquired the blue patterned design around the marquee.

    "My favorite part of the day was driving from the church within the Morgan. We were shouting and screaming!"

    "The inside from the marquee would be a delicate cotton printed fabric that everybody commented on and made a much softer warmer feel towards the environment."

    Catering was the job of the fabulously named and Harriet describes the meals as being 'the best bit!' were also accountable for the beautiful cake, which was coconut and lime to complement the Asian-themed food and sounds delicious.

    Entertainment came within the form of a DJ friend, who kept the party area filled all evening long, as well as for their first dance like a newly married couple Harriet and Felix find the fabulous ‘Bare Necessities’ in the Jungle Book!

    "It's informal, chilled, and reminds all of our friends of their childhoods."

    Words of Wedded Wisdom

    "Relax and don't be worried about it. Remember everyone's rooting for you."

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