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Here's how to get the Winter Wish Ice Gauntlet in New World

  • One weapon type unique to Amazon Games' MMO, New World, is the Ice Gauntlet. This piece of arcane artillery is, unsurprisingly, centered around the abilities of ice and snow. Players can use the Ice Gauntlet to freeze out the competition, summon frigid golems to aid them in battle or crush enemies in the midst of a blizzard.

    Winter Wish comes with bonus Intelligence, which is the attribute that its damage scales off of. It also comes slotted with a Malachite gem, dealing more damage to enemies who are slowed, rooted, or stunned. Most of the abilities on the Ice Gauntlet can apply a slow, so you will be benefitting from this bonus a lot.

    The Winter Wish Ice Gauntlet comes with the following perks:

        Chain Ice, which causes basic attacks to trigger a chain attack between enemies.
        Vicious, which increases critical hit damage.
        Keen, which increases critical hit chance.

    How to Get the Ice Gauntlet in New World?
    To get the Ice Gauntlet in New World, you will need to craft it. For now, this is the only way you can acquire it. In order to do so, you will first need to visit your nearest Arcane Repository. Let us check out the recipe to craft this unique weapon.

        5 Coarse Leather
        6 Water Mote
        12 Iron Ingots

    Once you get all three of these ingredients, you will be able to start the crafting process.

    Ice Gauntlets have two skill trees: Ice Tempest and Ice Conjurer. While both are excellent choices for a player who prioritizes crowd control, they do so in separate ways.

    If you go ahead with the Ice Tempest, you will notice that you will be able to slow down opponents by immobilizing them. In doing so, you will make it easier to actually defeat your opponents. As an Ice Tempest user, we will recommend you keep a decent distance from your targets. is definite a good site for you to buy New World Coins. This is a large and reliable coins company. This is the best choice because of the excellent service provided by this online store.If you do not know how to Buy New World Coins, or have any questions please contact with Z2U.COM team, we will service for you at any time. not only supplies cheap and safe coins, but also have quite high customer satisfaction.