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How To Farm Treasure Goblins In Diablo 4

  • Treasure Goblins are back in Diablo 4. These sneaky creatures can be found throughout the world, promising bags of loot to adventurers who can find them. Killing a Treasure Goblin will drop its bag of loot, which obtains items like materials, gems, gold, and equipment, with a decent chance to obtain Legendaries, especially at higher World Tiers.

    Treasure Goblins can be found all throughout Sanctuary, in the open world, Dungeons, or cellars. Basically, anywhere you can find enemies, you can find Treasure Goblins. That said, they are pretty rare to encounter. You may go a few hours between finding one, or you may find two back to back. If you're still on the hunt, here's a guaranteed step-by-step method to get lots of Goblins out to party.

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    1. Craft Nightmare Dungeon Sigils

    Visit the Occultist in any town and tab over to the 'Craft Sigil' tab, if you're low on materials you can salvage the Sigils you have. Craft Sigils of level 41-50 and look at the affixes, you're looking for the Extra Shrines affix. Blizzard has confirmed that this level guarantees that any spawning Goblins are at least level 80+ and thus drop higher-level rewards. Additionally, you need to be able to run past the enemies and not die, so we wouldn't suggest crafting any higher than this.

    2. Look For The Greed Shrine

    Ignore ALL SHRINES and ALL ENEMIES until you find the Greed shrine. Some dungeons may only have a Greed shrine in the second area, in which case you have to kill enemies to progress. Do what you need to do. Once you find the shrine and have a nice group of enemies running after you, activate it. You'll now run around killing everything, do not stop to pick up loot; make the most of the buff and kill as much as you can, and pick up the spoils afterward. You'll be drowning in gold and hopefully see a bunch of goblin spawns.

    3. Rinse, Repeat, Profit

    Once your Greed shrine has worn off, you can either complete the dungeon or simply exit and start a new one. You should end up with a bunch of sweet bags of treasure in your inventory following this method. Works 60% of the time. All of the time. By which we mean, you may be unlucky and get a dungeon with no Greed shrine at all, but don't worry — back out and make another Sigil!

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