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Top 3 New Madden 25 Features

  • Madden 25 will be released worldwide on August 16, 2024. Beginning on August 13, those who purchase either a special edition or the MVP Bundle for EA Sports College Football 25 will have three days of early access. So, ahead of the August release, let's look at the top three features of Madden 25

    1. Boom Tech

    Madden NFL 25 will feature an overhaul of the game's physics and collision system, known simply as "Boom Tech." lt features a sophisticated momentum, size, and skill-driven system that answers the constant football question of what happens when a player runs into another.

    Boom Tech will see more realistic, varied, and unpredictable tackle animations. Boom Tech aims to break tackles into countless split-second animations that can be chained in numerous ways at different moments. Hence, if used properly, it will mean more visual variety plus an extra emphasis on players' measurable size and skills.

    2. More Commentary Teams

    The original Madden commentary duo of Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis remain in the game and will be joined by a few famous names. According to Madden developers, the game's latest iteration will feature booths with MikeTirico and Greg Olsen, as well as Kate Scott and Brock Huard.

    The new commentary pairs will take charge of bigger matchups, such as prime-time fixtures and the postseason, while the original commentary team will remain the primary in-game commentary pairing

    3. Drafting Revamp

    Fans of Madden have long complained about the stale and predictable nature of the Draft Day process. The Madden team has taken note of the complaints and revamped the process.

    For Franchise players, you can see high draft picks walk up to the stage in custom-made suits. Furthermore, late draft picks will receive calls from general managers in their homes. As this goes on, you'll see the "big board," which displays all the picks, just like you'd see during a network's draft presentation. Also, sorting and player comparison tools now limit the number of times you'd need to press buttons to browse players. Madden players can finally compare prospects side-by-side rather than using the manual methods of the old.

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