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Dang Shen - Tangshen

  • Full-spectrum, water-based herbal extract;

    Packaging: 100g/Bottle; 200g/Bottle; 1kg/Bag; or customize

    Chinese Name: Dang Shen

    English Name: Tangshen

    Latin Name: Codonopsis Radix

    Properties: Neutral;sweet.

    Functions: To fortify the spleen, replenish lung. nourish blood and engender fluids.

    Indications/Syndromes of Dang Shen Extract Granules

    Deficiency of spleen and lung qi;

    Reduced food intake, fatigue;

    Cough shortness of breath;

    Insufficiency of Qi and blood;

    Pale complexion;

    Palpitations shortness of breath;

    Relish thirst, quench one's thirst internal heat.

    Pharmacological effects of Dang Shen

    1. Effects on the central nervous system: Codonopsis polysaccharides have an inhibitory effect on the central nervous system.

    2. Effects on the cardiovascular system: Dang Shen injection can protect the myocardium.

    3. Effects on the blood system: Dang Shen has the effect of inhibiting thrombus formation.

    4. Effects on the immune system: Dang Shen and its polysaccharides can increase the number of macrophages, increase the size of the cells, increase the phagocytosis function, and have the effect of enhancing immune function.

    5. Enhance the body's ability to resist cold: Dang Shen can directly promote the biochemical process related to the body's gluconeogenesis, and indirectly promote the body's ability to resist cold.

    6. Dang Shen has a certain effect of lowering blood sugar, improving learning and memory functions, enhancing the body's SOD activity, anti-hypoxia, anti-radiation, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

    Contraindications of Dang Shen

    1. Incompatibility of traditional Chinese medicine: anti veratrum should not be used together with Wulingzhi.

    2. Incompatibility of Chinese and Western medicines:

    (1) It should not be used together with vitamin C, niacin, glutamic acid, and gastric enzyme mixture, which may decompose the above-mentioned drugs and reduce their efficacy.

    (2) It should not be used together with codeine, morphine, pethidine, and phenobarbital, as it is easy to aggravate anesthesia and inhibit breathing.

    (3) It is not suitable to be used in combination with cardiac glycosides, as the drug effects will accumulate and the toxicity will increase.

    (4) Dexamethasone can antagonize the effect of Codonopsis pilosula on increasing corticosterone levels, so it should not be used together.

    (5) Dang Shen has a mild antihypertensive effect and can antagonize the effect of adrenaline, so it should not be used together.

    3. Dietary taboos: Do not eat radish, mung beans and strong alkaline foods such as grapes, tea, wine, kelp buds, kelp, etc.

    Precautions of Dang Shen

    It is most suitable for deficiency-cold syndrome, and should not be used alone for heat syndrome.

    How to use Dang Shen Extract Granules

    Oral, or as directed by your health care professionals.

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