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Catheter for Angiography

  • Quick Details of Peripheral Angiographic Catheter

    Type - JL/JR/TIG

    Brand - Penty

    Manufacturer - Barty Medical

    MOQ - 50pcs

    Package - Sterilized in tray or pouch

    Sterillized & finished products in tray/pouch

    Model Number - Diagnostic catheters

    Place of Origin - Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China (Mainland)

    Product name - Wholesale cardiology angiographic catheters

    Type - Catheter for angiography

    Packaging Details: Wholesale cardiology angio caths

    Delivery Detail: 15~30 days


    Peripheral Angiographic Catheter Supplier - Barty Medical

    Company Profile:

    Established in 2015

    Focus on Cardiology intervention and Peripheral intervention.

    Quickly grown-up, now over 100employees

    Professional staff from TERUMO and other leading companies

    Adquired investment from relative institutions.

    Small MOQ and short delivery time

    OEM services supported

    World-wide acknowledge with FSC, ISO, CE-mark

    Zhejiang Barty Medical Co. LTD. established in ETDA, Hangzhou in 2015 with registered capital of 20 million Yuan. The total area including administration and GMP workshop reaches 5,000 square meters.

    Our company focuses on R&D, production and sale of peripheral vascular intervention products with intellectual property such as Drug–eluting PTCA balloon catheter, Drug–eluting PTA balloon catheter, PTCA balloon catheter , PTA balloon catheter , Drug–eluting peripheral stent and matched products like catheter sheath sets、angiographic catheter、guide catheter. Among them, Drug–eluting PTA balloon catheter and Drug–eluting peripheral stent will fill in gaps in domestic market, and Drug–eluting PTCA balloon catheter will take place of that from foreign market.


    A peripheral angiography catheter is used to inject a radiopaque contrast agent into blood vessels so that they can be seen on x-rays.

    Coronary angiography provides information about the coronary arteries, which supply the heart with oxygen-rich blood. Coronary angiography is similar to catheterization of the left side of the heart because the coronary arteries branch off the aorta just after it leaves the left side of the heart (see Blood Supply of the Heart). The two procedures are almost always done at the same time.

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