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Transradial Guiding Catheter

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    Transradial Guiding Catheter



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    The Barty Medical line of Peripheral Guide Catheter features an advanced braiding technology, combined with a proprietary polymer-blend shaft material. This combination of Barty' s advanced technological breakthroughs has made an increase in lumen size possible without adversely affecting the exceptional backup support provided by other products in the Barty Medical product line.


    ·Inspect the transradial guiding catheter before use, making sure its size, shape, state is compatible with interventional device.

    ·The insertion of percutaneous skill of catheter shall only be applied by doctors with angiographic experience. And the operating procedure can be varied for patients' condition and doctors' personal skills.

    ·Apply standardized clinical angiography and fluorescent X-ray operation technique during operation when advancing in, manipulating and withdrawing the guiding catheter.

    ·Do not harm the blood vessel when the guiding catheter gets in, the catheter may block thin vessel, be careful to avoid complete block.

    Key performance characteristics of transradial guiding catheter

    -low resistance due to unique hydrophilic coating

    -Smooth catheter introduction

    -Low friction during advancement in tortuous and calcified anatomy

    -Reduced vessel spasm in radial approach resulting in more patient comfort

    -Less traumatic to the vessel wall reducing the risk of debris flowing downstream which could lead to TIA' s

    -high torque control

    -Encapsulated ultra thin high strength flat wire braiding provides high kink resistance against torsional and radial compression and excellent pushability characteristics

    -No catheter friction provides real 1:1 torque control of the tip

    Packing & Delivery

    Packing Details : simple package 100 sets/ctn, complete package 60 sets/ctn

    Delivery Details : 3-7 days after receive receipt.


    Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?

    A: We are manufacture, we have two factories in Beijing and Nanjing.

    Q: How long is your delivery time?

    A: Generally 10-20 days after receive receipt, 30 days even more for large quantity.

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