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Guiding Catheter

  • This product provides a channel for balloon dilatation catheter, guidewire and other medical devices to insert interventional operation, being used for peripheral vascular system.

    The CONTY® Peripheral Guide Catheter 5F/6F/7F/8F, is engineered to give you more space to maneuver, with optimal back-up support.

    Precautions of CONTY® Guide Catheter

    - Do not continue the operation if large resistance is met. Pull out of the catheter if the cause is unknown.

    - Overrotation when the guide catheter kinks will lead to damage, thus to rupture of guide catheter along its shaft. If the shaft kinks heavily, Pull out of the whole system (including guide catheter, guidewire and catheter sheath).

    - This product is EO sterilized, only for single use. Do not reuse or resterilize.

    - Do not use if the inner package is damaged or the product itself has been damaged or contaminated.

    - Use the device without delay after opening the inner package and dispose it carefully after using, avoiding from potential infection.

    Guiding Catheter

    Key performance characteristics of guiding catheter

    Excellent back-up support

    Excellent shape retention after prolonged procedure time

    Minimal temperature softening of the catheter providing more passive backup support

    Uncoated segment in the tip providing good grip at ostium and support of opposite aorta wall to give additional passive backup support

    Large inner lumen and small outer diameter

    Inner and outer diameter dimensions that are superior to competitors

    Guiding Catheter Supplier - Barty Medical

    With the building area of 5,000 square meters, Barty Medical has established the Million level purification (local hundred level) clean workshop in line with the "GMP" requirements, equipped with professional, complete facilities and equipment.

    The core management team consists of senior experts and therapists, who have ever worked at international famous foreign medical enterprise for more than 10 years.


    Market Plan:

    At present, the overseas market spreads to EU, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Russia, Latin American countries.

    Domestic sales covers all over the China.We are looking for partners nationwide...

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