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Luxury Pu Leather Jewelry Packaging Box How to design it to att

  • The packaging of the product is now an important part of commercial marketing, which has a close relationship with the psychological activities of the buyer. As a packaging design and producer, only by mastering the consumer's psychology can it effectively promote the sales of product. So how does Luxury Pu Leather Jewelry Packaging Box be designed to attract the attention of consumers?

    Marketing research psychology shows that buyers have complex psychological activities before and after purchasing products, and the differences in many aspects such as age, gender, occupation, national, cultural level, and social environment are divided Different consumer psychological characteristics. According to the results of the major survey of the people, the purchase of psychological characteristics can be generally summarized into the following:

    1. Seeking real psychology

    Most consumers' main consumer psychological characteristics in the consumption process are realistic psychology. It is believed that the actual effectiveness of the goods is the most important. I hope that the commercial use is convenient, cheap and good, and does not deliberately pursue the beauty of appearance and novel style. Consumer groups holding practical psychology are mature consumers, working class, housewives, and elderly consumer groups.

    2. Seeking beauty

    Economically, consumers with a certain ability to suffer capable are generally beautiful, pay attention to the shape of the goods itself and external packaging, and pay more attention to the artistic value of the product. Consumer groups holding beauty psychology are mainly young people and knowledge classes, and women account for 75.3%of women in such groups. In terms of product categories, the packaging of jewelry, cosmetics, clothing, crafts and gifts needs to pay more attention to the performance of aesthetic value.

    3. Find different psychology

    Consumer groups holding different psychology are mainly young people under 35 years old. This type of consumer group believes that the styles of goods and packaging are extremely important. They pay attention to novel and unique, and have personality, that is, the shape, color, graphics and other aspects of the packaging are more fashionable and avant -garde. care. Among the consumer groups, minors and children occupy a considerable proportion, which is more important for them to packaging products than the product itself. For this group of consumer groups that cannot be ignored, their packaging design should highlight the characteristics of "novel" to meet their psychological needs.

    4. From the psychology

    Consumers with psychological psychology are willing to cater to the style of popularity or imitation of celebrities. The age level of such consumer groups is large, because various media's strengths of fashion and celebrities have promoted the formation of this psychological behavior. To this end, the packaging design should grasp the trend of popularity, or directly launch the spokesperson for product image that consumers like, and increase the trust of goods.

    5. Seeking famous psychology

    No matter which consumer group has a certain psychology, the brand that attaches importance to the product, and has a sense of trust and loyalty to well -known brands. In the case of economic conditions, even insisting on subscribing to the high price of the product. Therefore, the packaging design to establish a good brand image is the key to successful product sales.

    In short, the psychology of the buyer is complex, and it is rarely maintained for a long time. In most cases, it may be the two or more psychological appeals of the above two or more. Psychological diversity choices prompt product packaging design and production to show a variety of styles.

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