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purchase vacuum fume extractor Boot and shutdown state should b

  • purchase vacuum fume extractor includes rack, induced draft fan, power distribution cabinet, dust bag, vibration mechanism, hopper, dust hopper, dust door and spray skeleton, frame including upper and lower box, motor and fan are arranged in the upper shell, dust bag, hopper and dust bucket are arranged in the lower box, Spray skeleton is arranged between the upper box and the lower box, dust removal bag and dust removal frame is connected, elastic gasket is arranged between the frame and the spray skeleton, vibration motor is connected with the filter frame through the vibration mechanism, the lower box side is provided with an air inlet, the upper box is provided with an exhaust outlet, the motor and vibration motor are connected with the electric control box. The dust collector has the advantages of compact structure, easy operation, low noise, good dust removal effect, and can be directly used in small places and laboratories. In fact, purchase vacuum fume extractor is a dust removal equipment that can collect dust on the spot and solve it on the spot, so before the purchase vacuum fume extractor is formally put into use, the corresponding inspection and detection work should be done. The normal operation of each component of the But when put into use, not only should have regular inspection, but also pay attention to a few more prone to failure, such as the purchase vacuum fume extractor bag. At the same time to do a good job of each purchase vacuum fume extractor at work speed and change, but also do a good job of the corresponding records.

    purchase vacuum fume extractor Boot and shutdown state should be considered:

    First, the use of timing pulse controller, should regularly determine whether the cleaning period is accurate, otherwise should be adjusted. When using fixed-resistance pulse controller, the working condition of the pressure switch should be checked regularly, and whether the pressure port is blocked and cleaned.

    2. The oil and water separator in the gas storage tank and air source triplet should blow down once per shift, and the oil and water separator should be cleaned once every 3 to 6 months. The oil mist should check the oil storage situation frequently and refuel in time.

    3. When starting up, the compressed air should be connected to the gas storage tank, the control power supply should be connected, and the ash discharge device should be started. If there are other equipment in the system, the downstream equipment should be started first.

    4. Measure process parameters regularly, such as smoke volume, temperature, concentration, etc., find out the reason and deal with it in time if any abnormality is found.

    Five, if the electromagnetic pulse valve failure, should be removed in time, such as internal impurities, water, should be cleaned, such as diaphragm damage should be replaced in time.

    Six, reducer, ash delivery device and other mechanical moving parts should be in accordance with the provisions of oil filling and oil change, found abnormal phenomenon should be eliminated in time.

    Seven, when the dust collector stops working, it is necessary to repeatedly clean the dust collector (manual cleaning can be used), remove the dust on the dust filter bag, to prevent the influence of moisture and paste the bag.

    8. When stopping, it is not necessary to cut off the compressed air source. When the fan is working, it is necessary to provide compressed air to the lifting valve cylinder to open the lifting valve.

    9. When shutting down, after the process system stops, the dust collector and exhaust fan should be kept working for a period of time to dust the moisture and dust in the equipment.

    Box bodies in purchase vacuum fume extractor are mostly rectangular boxes, which are composed of steel frame skeleton and enclosure plate. The main design method is to calculate the skeleton and the envelope separately. First design skeleton, and then according to the negative pressure design of the enclosure board, the synergistic effect of the board and skeleton is not considered enough, the wall plate used in the box is thicker, and with the box column for sealing welding, so the synergistic effect of the box skeleton and the enclosure board is obvious.

    purchase vacuum fume extractor is one of the advantages of separated chamber reverse blowing and pulse blowing and other dust collectors. It overcomes the disadvantages of insufficient kinetic energy intensity in separated chamber reverse blowing and simultaneous filtration and dust cleaning. Thus the purchase vacuum fume extractor increased the use of adaptability, improve the dust collection rate. purchase vacuum fume extractor is widely used in cement plant crushing, packaging, warehouse roof, clinker coolers and various grinding machines and other dust collection systems, but also used in metallurgy, chemical, mechanical and civil boilers and other waste gas dust collection.

    purchase vacuum fume extractor