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The role of portable outdoor folding camping chairs

  • The application scenarios of camping chairs are very rich, and the most important thing is to meet people's needs for rest. The second is aesthetics. A textured camping chair is essential in the overall aesthetic scene. The camping chair that can be perfectly integrated with the outdoor beauty will make you more out of the picture.

    It is recommended for novices to choose this moon chair. It is light, comfortable and easy to store to ensure the experience of camping; those who have a visual pursuit of camping can try the Founder folding chair and the Kermit chair. A versatile photo prop, even if it is used at home, it can blend well with furniture.

    The material of the portable camping chair

    The moon chair is a kind of leisure chair designed according to ergonomics. It is shaped like a moon. People sit on it, like sleeping in the warm arms of the moon, with a comfortable feeling of being wrapped and embraced.

    This kind of outdoor chair is often made of 600D wear-resistant and tear-resistant Oxford cloth with thick mesh, equipped with an aluminum alloy bracket, and a structure with 4 anti-skid foot covers. It is generally used for outdoor reading, drinking coffee, and cooking.

    Thicker mesh makes the fabric thicker and provides better heat dissipation and comfort.

    The advantage of this type of chair is that it is easy to assemble, very portable and compact, and it is also very space-saving when folded.

    It is not very stable on its own, but we did a treatment on the bottom to increase its stability, and at the same time, its loading capacity was improved to support a weight of 150kg.

    How to Pick a Camping Chair

    Choosing a camping chair requires consideration of material and shape. A chair that is comfortable for others may not be suitable for you. Even if the height is the same, the length of the legs and the shape of the hips will affect the final experience.

    The material of the camping chair

    chair surface

    The material of the camping chair surface is divided into cotton canvas and chemical fiber fabric (mostly Oxford cloth). The chemical fiber fabric is strong, wear-resistant and easy to care for, suitable for novices; However, Oxford cloth needs to be stored in a dry place. If it is placed in damp, it will be easy to mold.


    The main materials of the bracket are beech, teak, and aluminum alloy. It is recommended that beginners choose a lightweight and easy-to-care aluminum alloy camping chair, and advanced players choose a solid wood chair with high appearance and comfort. Outdoor weather is uncertain, pay attention to protection and safety. storage.

    This moon chair is made of aluminum alloy, which is light and easy to clean and maintain, and its stability has been strengthened.

    The shape of the camping chair

    It is necessary to choose the appropriate height of the stool surface and the back of the chair; choose the appropriate load-bearing according to the weight; choose the one that is easier to assemble and store under the premise of satisfying the use.

    Stool and back height

    It is recommended that players who have outdoor dining needs, or those who are slender, try to choose a camping chair with a higher bottom plate.

    This moon chair has a moderate height, and the back is just the right height, and the back has a bolster for better enjoyment of leisure time.

    Load capacity

    Judging from the user's weight, the weight of this chair is 150kg, which is enough for an adult to use, even if it is a heavy weight. Moreover, this camping folding chair is light and compact when folded, easy to stow away, and saves space, making it very suitable for travel.