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The scope and advantages of folding small chairs

  • Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, relax the tense nerves at work, breathe the fresh air, sit on the floor, eat carefully prepared food, watch the beautiful scenery around, talk and laugh.


    How long has it been since you felt this happy and harmonious scene? Taking advantage of this sunny weather, get ready to enjoy a wonderful picnic or fishing outdoors now!


    In addition to the necessary tents, picnic mats and a bunch of snacks, should you also consider preparing a few portable folding stools for the family to rest and entertain?


    The chair legs are made of reinforced pipes with fine and durable workmanship to enhance the bearing capacity. Freely shrinkable and easy to store, it is very convenient for outings, fishing, and queuing by car.


    This folding small chair is reinforced at the bottom with diagonal webbing and crossed webbing at the four corners to increase load-bearing. This folding small chair folding stool is small and portable, and the reinforced pipe is more durable and free to shrink. It is very convenient for outings, fishing, and queuing in the car. Camping, fishing, queuing, and car rides! It's a must-have item for life!


    Fishing enthusiasts can sit when they go out to fish; relatives and friends can sit on barbecues and picnics; they can sit when they are tired from outdoor sketching and playing. The scope of application is very wide, and it is convenient to take it wherever you go.


    The leg cross part of the folding chair has added guards to protect the relatively fragile structure here. The bottom of the seat cushion is reinforced with a cross-reinforced load-bearing belt, which increases the load-bearing coefficient, making it safer for you to sit on and prolonging its service life.


    Oxford fabric has good air permeability, especially in summer, when the climate is hot, the human body is very easy to sweat, and the seat like a bench is very uncomfortable for the buttocks after sitting for a long time, and the Oxford fabric used in this folding small chair has good air permeability and is firm.


    This folding small chair four-leg pad adopts ABS plastic foot cover, which not only increases the friction and anti-skid, but also increases the contact area with the ground, which increases the stability when you sit up, and is not easy to fall when you twist it at will.


    The advantage of this folding chair is that it is easy to carry. Because of its folding characteristics, it is easy to carry. For example, many elderly people who are walking, travelers, and passengers like to bring their own small folding chairs for rest. time to use.


    This chair also has a great advantage in storage. Easy to place, the bench occupies very little space whether it is sitting or stowed, and once it is folded, it can be placed in any space, which is very space-saving.