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Water resistance of sleeping bags and bulkiness of fillings

  • The most difficult equipment to buy when camping outdoors is a sleeping bag. If you buy a good sleeping bag, this camping will be a success. If you buy it without warmth, you will not sleep well at night, which will also affect the experience of camping. When buying sleeping bags, the choice of sleeping bags is also different according to different seasons of camping. It's hard to buy a sleeping bag that fits, so choose for hot summers, cool springs and autumns. The issues considered are not the same, so today we recommend this sleeping bag suitable for spring and autumn to everyone. If you want to take it to the mountains or desert areas in spring and autumn, the temperature is generally low, and the warmth of the sleeping bag should be considered. Therefore, instead of asking for everything, it is better to think about the campsites we often go to, the camping time we dispatch, and make targeted purchases.

    For hiking, buy a mummy rather than a rectangular sleeping bag filled with down or rayon on the inside.

    padding in sleeping bags

    Down is the warm feather on the duck or goose. The higher the quality, the better the thermal effect. This sleeping bag from Tomsawyer is filled with down filling. Down sleeping bags are friendly to packing, not only compressing to a very small size, but also very light in weight. However, the down sleeping bag is miserable when it gets wet, it not only loses its thermal insulation effect, but also takes a long time to dry. Therefore, this problem has also been solved. The built-in is filled with down, and the outside is wrapped with waterproof fabric, so that the sleeping bag can be kept dry at all times, which has achieved the best effect of warm.

    The bulkiness of the sleeping bag

    Simply put, the height of the sleeping bag on the ground is the bulkiness. The higher the loft, the more air it can hold in, and the warmer it will be. Even if the sleeping bag uses different filling materials, as long as the puffiness is the same, the warmth is the same. A thin sleeping bag is unlikely to be warmer than a bulky sleeping bag, regardless of the temperature indicated on the sleeping bag.

    In addition to the quality of the sleeping bag, everyone's physical fitness is different, and the body's basal metabolism is also different, so even in a sleeping bag of the same material, the body is different and the temperature is different. Combining the usual sleep to buy a suitable sleeping bag, our sleeping bag is very fluffy and can meet the needs of most campers.

    Water resistance of sleeping bags

    The use of sleeping pads and sleeping bags not only provides ground cushioning, but the main function is to isolate the ground and make people sleep warmer. The zipper design preserves the temperature inside the sleeping bag, creating a temporary little house for the body. Keeps air in the sleeping bag for better warmth and more comfortable sleep.

    This outdoor camping sleeping bag is made of waterproof and breathable material. Even without a tent, being in a sleeping bag provides protection from wind and rain. The waterproof effect of this sleeping bag is very good, and it is relatively warm to sleep, especially when the wind is strong, it can be raised by 5 or 6 degrees. If you want to sleep romantically under the stars, you can use this lightweight sleeping bag. Not only will the sleeping bag not get wet with dew, but you can pack it directly after wiping the dew in the morning.