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Current State Of The Pet Supplies Market

  • Pet Supplies Market Current State Analysis

    (1)Budding period 1990-2000: In this period, in 1992, the China Small Animal Protection Organization was established, marking the formation of the domestic pet industry; in 1993, foreign brands such as Mars, Nestle, and Royal entered China; pet food and supplies foundries appeared;

    (2)Exploration period 2000-2010: the number of pet owners grew and the market opened up; the concept of consumption began to change and some domestic enterprises emerged; along with the wave of the Internet, the first online pet service platforms appeared; pet hospitals began to develop;

    (3)Development period 2010-present: the number of pets surged to over 100 million, niche pets began to emerge; demographic changes, the pet supplies industry blowout growth; capital began to layout, online retail channels business began to explode; consumers formally recognized commodity food, pet consumption upgrade, to refine the pet change; with the development of urbanization, pet market penetration to low-tier cities;

    (4)The maturity period 2028 - after the number of pets grows steadily, pet ownership penetration rate to the level of developed countries; industry appears the whole life cycle of the service industry chain, offline online omnichannel model perfect; pet food personalization, enrichment, pet supplies intelligent, IOT development; medical and service gradually improved to regional chains, direct development of national brands rise;

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    Online Pet Supplies Market Analysis

    Nowadays, people gradually start to buy daily necessities, food, and clothing for their pets and start to provide services such as grooming, medical treatment, taming, and hospice for their pets, and design personalized products for them.

    According to research data released by the Foresight Industry Research Institute, the global pet market size in 2015 was about $105 billion, and in the past five years, the global pet market has maintained a year-on-year growth rate of about 5%. Among them, the United States, as the world's largest as well as the most mature pet consumer market, total spending on the pet industry reached $60.28 billion. Other countries such as Europe, Japan, and others countries have reached a certain level of pet industry market size. China is one of the exporters of pet accessory products, and currently produces pet accessory products mainly exported to the United States and Northern Europe, the main products are collars, leashes, clothing, toys, etc. for dogs and cats; leather items for dogs' teeth grinding; turtles or small animals in the cage of the root or special wood, etc. At present, in China's pet supplies industry market, foreign brand products occupy about 80% of the market share, and domestic brands account for only 20% of the market share, with the rise of domestic brands and the localization of the pet supplies industry, domestic enterprises have a vast market space and market potential.