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The world's first self-replicating 'living robot.'

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    November 30, 2021 1:41 AM PST

    Bizarre Creatures Are World's First Self-Replicating 'Living Robots',  Scientists Say


    Scientists have designed what they say is the first self-replicating 'robot' ever made from a living cell.At first, these bizarre 'Xenobots' may stand out for their superficial resemblance to Pac-Man.

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    But their resemblance to video game characters is perhaps the least strange thing about them.These unusual robotic creatures are the result of what the same researchers revealed last year.

    when they presented the world's first robot made entirely of living cells. In this case, stem cells were taken from embryonic frogs.Joshua Bongard, a computer scientist and robotics scientist

    at the University of Vermont, explains: "This is a strange living machine.They are not traditional robots or known animals. It's a new type of artifact: a programmable creature.

    Now Bongard and his collaborators have taken the next step. It allows xenobots to replicate themselves and create new versions of themselves. In this case, self-replication is not possible with the replication techniques we often see.